Our team is dedicated to provide you the best place to spend your time and get engaged in the activities of your choice with the like-minded people. Our goal is to allow the elderly to take charge of their health and happiness.

At our Center, you will find discover services which includes:

Educational Activities

Our educational activities based on interest. We cover parts such as Computer &Technology skills training, English as a Second Language classes, Counseling & Support groups, Discussion groups.

Free Meals

We offer free nutritious meals to all our clients. We ensure the caloric and nutritional values of the food we serve are aligned with the Dept. of Health Child and Adult Care Food program guidelines.

Leisure Activities

Our leisure activities emphasize development of cognitive alertness and mental sharpness. We cover the activities such as, Carom board, Ludo, Puzzles, Reading

Mental Health Counseling

Our Counselors work with clients on strategies to overcome obstacles and personal challenges they are facing. We offer, Relaxation skills training, Meditation, Counseling & Support groups, Individual counseling

Physical Health

Exercise coupled with eating right can lead to enhanced physical fitness. Better physical fitness not only improves your physical health, but also lifts your mood and improves sleep patterns. At Apna we offer, Yoga, Taichi, Nutrition counseling.

Spiritual Activities

Reading, reflection, quiet time, meditation and introspective self improvement are some of the central themes of the spirituals activities conducted at APNA.

Recreational Activities

At Apna, we want to add recreation that enriches your life. Some examples of recreational activities conducted include, Picnics in the park, Parties at the Beach, Museum visits.

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